Hello!!! We want to welcome you to our English blog. We would like to offer you different activities, videos or games we have found on the internet, so you can play with your child at home, and review the vocabulary and grammar they are learning at school. Learning a foreign language is easier through playing, and new technologies can help them, because it is a fun and great way to learn English. We hope you enjoy these activities as much as your child does, and help you as parents to use different tools to help your child with this language. You can also comment with any concerns you have or if you like or dislike any activity. Thank you and we hope you have fun playing the games and singing the songs with your child!



domingo, 29 de enero de 2017

2nd GRADE Natural Science. MATERIALS

A song to remember some of the different materials we have things made of.

Why a hammer is made of metal? and a jumper made of cloth/wool? Check it out with this song

HELP the environment by recycling paper and plastic!!!!

Is the metal transparent? flexible? strong? check it out in this video

Play with the materials and their properties with this game

Grouping and changing materials. Click here.

Sorting and using materials. Click here.

2nd GRADE Possessive Adjectives (our/their/my/her/his)

Do you want to practice a little bit more with the possessive adjectives we have learnt? Check out this online game. Choose the single mode to play alone!!!!

1st Grade English: Where is it?

Learn prepositions with these songs:
Where is it? #1
Where is it? #2
Where is it? #3

1st Grade Natural Science - Healthy Bodies!

Review food vocabulary by playing these games:
Food 1
Food 2

Wash your hands! 
In this game children will virtually wash a characters' hands. Is this a healthy habit? When should we do it?

Let's go shopping!
In this game children have to create healthy or unhelathy shopping lists.

Brush your teeth!
In this game children must clean a hippos teeth until they are white.

In this game children are dentists in which they use different instruments to clean teeth.

Healthy bones and muscles.
In this animation children must try and keep Ben healthy by providing him with what he needs.

Being ill.
In this game children need to decide which specialist the patient needs.